Bilfinger IS: Working for Sixty Years in the Process Industry

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Bilfinger Industrial Services employs 3000 technical specialists.

Legal requirements for maintenance activities at companies such as Shell, Exxon, BASF, Total, NAM, Electrabel and Bayer bring along the scheduling for factory stops every three, four or six years. Than the entire production process is halted and everything is focused on performing major service in order to restart the production process as quickly as possible. “We support this maintenance service with the deployment of hundreds of Bilfinger technical specialists,” says Ruud van Doorn, CEO of Bilfinger Industrial Services Benelux. “Bilfinger Industrial Services employs 3000 technical specialists for various customers in the petrochemical, refinery, energy, and waste management sectors in the Netherlands and Belgium.” The company is part of the global Bilfinger Corporation. Ruud van Doorn: “If necessary, we can always deploy even more people from the other locations abroad. Integrity, involvement, and responsibility are values held in high regard by our employees and we score high in safe working conditions. Our work processes are regulated, monitored, and procedures are efficient. With some of our clients, we have been doing business for sixty years.”

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“Our work processes are regulated, monitored, and procedures are efficient. With some of our clients, we have been doing business for sixty years.”

“Our Services are provided with an understanding of the Major Interests involved”
Bilfinger Industrial Services performs regular maintenance, provides practical solutions, and implements new systems. In day-to-day practice, Bilfinger employees are involved in maintenance, insulation, building scaffolding, rope access, conservation, tracing, asbestos removal, fire protection, and noise reduction at various companies in the process industry. Ruud van Doorn: “We are a service company. That brings along that we are always available for our customers. Generally speaking, major services are planned for a long time in advance. But it has happened that an installation broke down and would have been out of commission for two weeks, while major service was scheduled for three months later. In a situation like that, major service is included immediately. Than we have to reschedule and arrive suddenly with a few hundred of our technical specialists. We resolve the situation together, and that provides us with a tremendous feeling of satisfaction. We are subservient to the core process of our customers, and try to respond quickly to unexpected developments: hundreds of millions euro investments are involved, so processes must be able to continue fluently as much as possible.”

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Efficacy and safety are crucial.

Focus on Business and Product Development
For Bilfinger Industrial Services, efficacy and safety are crucial. In addition, the attention to efficiency and increased involvement of work floor staff relating to improvements is structured. Ruud van Doorn: “Our employees work closely together with Bilfinger R&D. They note where interests lie and get involved with issues in the industry. As they move around, they also suggest links to our own service portfolio where necessary. The collaboration between our R&D Department, and Business & Product Development at the Head Office in Mannheim is structured and managed directly by one of the Board Members. We are a company with € 8 billion revenue, where good practices worldwide are linked together. This means we can information learned incidentally, apply generally elsewhere. That also ads value for the companies we work for. We recently became affiliated with iTanks for sharing innovations, as a result of harbor policies. It is very educational and stimulating to see how businesses in other industries perceive the things we do.”

Borchwerf II Business Area is the Best Location for our Logistics
Bilfinger Industrial Services can deliver efficiently thanks to economy of scale. The company has far-reaching specializations in the industry, and also supplies the required materials. Ruud van Doorn: “This allows us to respond sharply towards the process industries tenders. Herein our logistics site at the Borchwerf II Business Area also plays a role, because for us the Netherlands and Belgium are logically one single business area. We looked at our materials streams in the Benelux, and searched for a central and easy to reach location from which to work efficiently. Borchwerf II emerged as the obvious location for our logistics. The location was immediately available, and we still have opportunities for expansion. It is a well-situated spot, with direct access to the highway A17 and a great deal of logistic movement. You can also drive straight through to Belgium. So for us it’s a good location for establishment.”

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Bilfinger Industrial Services has far-reaching specializations in the industry, and also supplies the required materials.

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